EndoTherm - Energy & Gas Saving Central Heating Additive

EndoTherm is a unique, energy & gas saving central heating additive independently proven to save 15% on heating bills

EndoTherm is:


Independently Proven

Savings of up to 15% proven by a leading R&D laboratory.


Easy to Install

EndoTherm can be installed  in just 10-15 minutes.


Non - Corrosive

EndoTherm is non-corrosive and has slight inhibitor properties.


100% Organic

EndoTherm is made from 100% organic materials.



EndoTherm is suitable for any wet-based central heating systems.


And British!!

EndoTherm is developed and manufactured in the UK.

EndoTherm is verfied by The Energy Saving Trust

Smart Phone Estimator App

Quick and easy EndoTherm volume estimator at your finger tips!


EndoTherm Awards
CIBSE - Energy Saving Product of the Year 2016
CIBSE - Energy Saving Product of the Year 2016
H&V News Awards 2015 - Domestic H&V Product of the year
Ecobuild M&S Big Innovation Pitch Winner

“Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council have tried a few test cases looking at EndoTherm. We added EndoTherm into a variety of buildings with no other changes. We have discovered that radiators reported as hotter (from people unaware of what we have done) and a reduction in consumption between 12-21%.”

– Jon Arroyo, Energy Manager. Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council.



“The (EndoTherm) project certainly hasn’t disappointed, installation was extremely simple and savings have by far exceeded our initial expectations. The installation at Lingley Mere has been a huge success and is continuing to realise savings month on month.”

– Stephen Vaughan, Energy Manager. EMCOR UK.



“I’m delighted with the results we’re seeing with EndoTherm in such a short period of time. The product has delivered greater savings than expected and combined with the ease of installation, it made the decision to purchase the product a very successful one. Thank you”

– James Page, Hotel Director. The Wentbridge House Hotel, Restaurant & Brasserie.



“We are now working with the winning product, EndoTherm”

– Munish Datta, Head of Plan A and Facilities Management



“Another Success for the Product EndoTherm”

– Steve Bacon – Chesterfield NHS Foundation Trust



“EndoTherm has been added to heating systems in 2 of our smaller properties for approx 2 years. The gas savings realised have been of the order of 10-13.5%”

– Martin Aizlewood – The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Average Energy Bill - 2014 (£)


EndoTherm Saving

Typical Return on Investment (Months)

Typical Savings Per Year (£)

‘The Trials with EndoTherm in our boilers have been very impressive. We have noted less circulating noise and better conductivity. We will install EndoTherm into any central heating systems we install in the future.’

Heating Engineer

‘The trial of EndoTherm at our head office has demonstrated a saving of 33% compared with the same period last year. Consideration is now being given to implementing EndoTherm into larger sites.’

Cabinet Member, Public Housing

‘EndoTherm was installed into one of our properties and within days the boiler had to be turned down to compensate for increased performance. Overall consumption had been reduced by 15.6%.’

Director, Health Care Group

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How EndoTherm Works

EndoTherm is a unique energy saving central heating additive, independently proven to save up to 15% on heating bills! But how does it work?