Case Study - Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Willow Court





1,501 kg

The performance of EndoTherm was trialled by Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in their Willow Court building.

Willow Court is a 10 bedroom staff accommodation building with a heating system volume of 223 litres.


Regression Analysis was used on Willow Court, in accordance to the techniques by the internal energy managers of the NHS Trust. Regression Analysis uses historical information to predict future energy consumption dependant on a certain parameter (in this case, Degree Days). From the historical information, a strong trendline with a correlation co-efficient (R2) of 0.9513 was ascertained meaning we can reasonably assume that the future consumption can be predicted with a degree of certainty. The equation of the line is:


Y = 25.053X + 1065.4

(Where Y is the degree days for the specific time period)


Predicted kWh 43,476
Actual kWh 37,531


Compensated Saving:


Total Cash Saving:


Total CO2 Saving:

1,501 Kg

Note: 10 month saving of 7%. A reported change in boiler controls was reported after 7 months changing the heating demand.

“Another success for the product EndoTherm”

Energy Manager

The Chesterfield NHS Foundation Trust