Chesterfield NHS Foundation Trust - Willow Court

EndoTherm Energy Saving Case Study
Derbyshire, United Kingdom

The performance of EndoTherm was trialled by Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust at Willow Court.

The 10 bedroomed, staff accommodation building had EndoTherm installed in February 2014.

By reducing space heating energy consumption, the NHS Foundation Trust can significantly lower their heating bills. This can result in substantial cost savings over time, allowing the organisation to allocate funds to other important areas of healthcare.

Decreasing space heating energy consumption directly contributes to reducing the building’s carbon footprint. This aligns with the NHS Foundation Trust’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, helping to combat climate change and promote a greener future.

Over a 10-month period using EndoTherm, Chesterfield NHS Foundation Trust saved 1,501Kg of CO₂e at Willow Court. This carbon reduction is equivalent to:

Chesterfield NHS Foundation Trust Willow Court Carbon Emission Saving Equivalencies

“Another success for the product EndoTherm!

Energy Manager

Chesterfield NHS Foundation Trust

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Chesterfield NHS Foundation Trust Willow Court Case Study Document