Case Study - Cushman & Wakefield, Dale House





4,000 kg

The performance of the EndoTherm energy saving additive was trialled at Dale House in Stockport.

Dale House is a 9 storey office building which is home to multiple businesses. The building is heated by three 115 Remeha boilers, each capable of outputting 111kW. Each floor has 16 double radiators, 144 in total, and has a total system volume of circa 3,000 litres.


Results (Energy Saving)

Time Period Usage (kWh) Degree Days (18.5°C) Usage (kWh) / Degree Days
2013/14 (4 months) 507,239 829.7 611.35
2014/15 (4 months) 489,485 903.1 542.01

Compensated Saving = 11.34%


Note: Predicted usage based on Usage/DD was used to estimate how much gas would have been used if EndoTherm was not installed. An energy saving of £1,302.57 has been calculated based on a 6.6p/kWh unit price which means EndoTherm is on course to paying itself back within 1 year. Based on this data the CO2 saving for Dale House was 4000kg (4 tonnes) over the 3 month trial period.