Durham University - The Mountjoy Centre

EndoTherm Energy Saving Case Study
 North East, United Kingdom

The Estates and Buildings Department of Durham University piloted the performance of EndoTherm at The Mountjoy Centre.

The Mountjoy Centre, which hosts departmental offices, is a two storey office building split into three wings. The heating system is powered by two 200kW boilers with a heating schedule of weekdays only.

EndoTherm was installed in May 2015.

By reducing energy consumption, the building’s heating bills will decrease, resulting in cost savings for the university. Furthermore, lowering energy consumption means reducing the building’s carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. This aligns with sustainability goals and contributes to a greener future.

Over a 12-month period using EndoTherm, Durham University saved 5,140Kg of CO₂e. This carbon reduction is equivalent to:

Durham University The Mountjoy Centre Carbon Emission Saving Equivalencies

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Durham University The Mountjoy Centre Case Study Document