Forest of Dean District Council - Council Offices

EndoTherm Energy Saving Case Study
Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

The performance of EndoTherm was piloted by the Publica Group (who support four councils in the Gloucestershire area) at the Forest of Dean District Council Offices.

The office building is heated by 4 x 115kW boilers via steel panel radiators. EndoTherm was installed on 2nd March 2020.

Councils face a number of difficulties when trying to address space heating consumption. Council offices are often housed in buildings with complex structures and multiple levels. This can pose difficulties in ensuring consistent and efficient heating across all areas of the building. Uneven heating distribution may lead to discomfort for occupants and inefficient energy use.

Providing a comfortable working environment is important for productivity and occupant satisfaction. However, achieving a balance between comfort and energy efficiency can also be challenging.

EndoTherm delivered significant savings during the pilot analysis period impressing stakeholders so much that Forest of Dean District Council shared its results in a news article on their website.

Over a 5-year period using EndoTherm, Forest of Dean District Council Offices will save an anticipated 94,900Kg of CO₂e. This carbon reduction is equivalent to:

Forest of Dean District Council Offices Carbon Emission Saving Equivalencies

“This is one simple, effective change which has resulted in an immediate effect in lowering our emissions.”

Councillor and Portfolio Holder for the Climate Emergency

Forest of Dean District Council

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Forest of Dean District Council Offices EndoTherm Case Study Document