Case Study - Middlesbrough Council, Civic Centre





26,362 kg

The performance of EndoTherm was trialled by Middlesbrough Council at their Civic Centre building.

The Civic Centre is home to many of the councils departments and offices and is heated by 2 Allen Ydnis Boilers (2M BTU and 1.6M BTU) with heating done exclusively using air handling units. With extensive pipework and an annual consumption of around 900,000 kWhrs the correct volume or EndoTherm required was calculated and installed on 1st December 2014.



Time Period Usage (kWh) Degree Days (18.5°C) Usage (kWh) / Degree Days
2013/14 (5 months) 543,695 1274.5 426.59
2014/15 (5 months) 501,627 1480.3 338.9

Compensated Saving = 20.56%


Note: Predicted usage based on Usage/DD was used to estimate how much gas would have been used if EndoTherm was not installed. A monetary saving of £3,636 has been calculated based on a 2.8p/kWh unit price which means EndoTherm has paid itself back within 5 months. This is also equivalent to a 26.362 kg saving of CO2 based on a 0.203kg CO2 per kWh.