Pastoral Healthcare - Ty Catrin Care Home

EndoTherm Energy Saving Case Study
Cardiff, United Kingdom

The performance of EndoTherm was piloted by Pastoral Healthcare at Ty Catrin Care Home in Cardiff, Wales.

Ty Catrin provides a low secure mental illness and personality disorder service for men and women who require a medium-term placement and recovery-orientated specialist treatment to progress on their care pathway towards rehabilitation care.

The care home development comprises of five separate units, each with a garden, and contains pre-discharge flats, community-based staff housing and supported self-contained flats.

Installation of EndoTherm into the development took place in November 2013.

Care homes need to provide a comfortable and safe environment for residents, considering their specific health conditions and needs. Balancing energy efficiency with maintaining appropriate indoor temperatures can be challenging, especially when some residents may require higher temperatures for their well-being.

EndoTherm demonstrated significant space heating energy saving in the analysis period and the projected savings continue to impress Pastoral Healthcare. This improvement in efficiency was possible despite the unique requirements of care for Ty Catrin’s residents. 

Over the course of 5 years using EndoTherm, Ty Catrin Care Home is expected to save 11,040Kg of CO₂e. This carbon reduction is equivalent to:

Pastoral Healthcare Ty Catrin Care Home Carbon Emission Saving Equivalencies

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Pastoral Healthcare Ty Catrin Care Home EndoTherm Case Study Document