Pendle Leisure Trust & Pendle Borough Council - West Craven Sports Centre

EndoTherm Energy Saving Case Study
Lancashire, United Kingdom

The performance of EndoTherm was piloted by Pendle Leisure Trust and Pendle Borough Council at West Craven Sports Centre in Lancashire.

West Craven Sports Centre is a multi-use sports complex with a 25-meter indoor heated swimming pool. The swimming pool is heated by two 347kW boilers while the rest of the centre is powered by six 105kW boilers (two on standby).

Installation of of EndoTherm took place in February 2014.

Maintaining a comfortable air and water temperature in a sports centre environment can be complex. Different zones within the sports centre, such as spectator areas, changing rooms, and the pool itself, may have different temperature requirements. Achieving a balance between energy efficiency and occupant comfort across these areas can be a challenge.

EndoTherm was able to rise to that challenge by reducing space heating energy consumption and as a result providing an impressive carbon reduction value in only a short period of analysis.

During the 5-month pilot using EndoTherm, West Craven Sports Centre saved 35,891Kg of CO₂e. This carbon reduction is equivalent to:

Pendle Council Pendle Leisure Trust West Craven Sports Centre Carbon Emission Saving Equivalencies

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Pendle Borough Council and Pendle Leisure Trust West Craven Sports Centre EndoTherm Case Study Document