Case Study - Preston Council, Preston Town Hall





18,061 kg

Preston City Council trialled EndoTherm at their Town Hall located in Preston City Centre.

The five-floor office building, built in the 1930’s, is heated by 3 x Vitorond 200 Boilers with a maximum output of 300kW. The site is heated by a large number of cast iron radiators with a single air handling unit (AHU) for the Council Chambers.

After a system survey it was determined that 44L of EndoTherm was required, installation took place on the 1st February 2016.



Time Period Usage (kWh) Degree Days (15.5°C) Usage (kWh) / Degree Days
01/02/2015 – 20/12/2015 716,426 1,385.5 517.8
01/02/2016 – 20/12/2016 688,299 1,501 458.6

The energy management team at Preston City Council provided actual meter readings (AMR) which were used for comparison with usage data from the same period from the year before. The comparison was compensated using degree day data sourced from Blackpool Airport (baseload 15.5°C).

Compensated Saving:


Total Cash Saving:


Total CO2 Saving:

18,061 kg