Case Study - Skipton High School, Skipton, North Yorkshire





196 kg

Skipton High School identified heating as a target during their Environmental Review. Energy was selected as a focus topic during the Action Plan and the school was introduced to EndoTherm via the Eco-Schools program of which EndoTherm is an official energy partner. A trial of EndoTherm was undertaken on two school buildings; the School House and Cottage to confirm the performance of the product while working towards the school’s green flag status.

The two installation buildings feature large domestic heating systems in old stone-built properties heated by steel-panel and cast iron radiators. Both buildings have a mixture of classrooms and
teacher offices.

Two litres of EndoTherm was installed into the School House, and 1.5 litres of EndoTherm was installed into the Cottage in early March 2017. Gas meter readings were taken at regular intervals pre and post installation and compared using compensated heating degree days (HDD). The heating degree day data was obtained from nearby Leeds and Bradford Airport.



The success of EndoTherm was Monitored and Evaluated by the students (supported by Endo Enterprises and the eco-co-ordinator).

Time Period Usage (kWh) Degree Days Usage (kWh) / Degree Days
BEFORE 535 615 0.86
AFTER 525 718.2 0.73

Based on the historic Usage/Degree Days value, a prediction on usage without EndoTherm was compared
with actual usage to determine monetary savings. The School House had saved £26 in two months (196kg of
CO2) whilst the Cottage had saved 31.33% equaling £64 in two months (475kg of CO2). ROI was projected to be one year.

Compensated Saving:


Total Cash Saving:


Total CO2 Saving:

196 kg