Case Study - Teviotdale Leisure Centre





84,700 kg

The performance of EndoTherm was trialled by Teviotdale Leisure Centre to measure the savings that could be achieved by heavy energy users.

Teviotdale has a large leisure pool containing approximately 540,000 litres of water and is maintained at a constant 30°C temperature, the air temperature is also maintained at 31°C. Both the air and the water in the pool are heated by the centre’s heating system. Historical data was provided to allow removal of the energy used to heat the pool and leave only the energy consumed for air heating.



The recorded usage for January – October 2013 was compared with January – October 2012 using degree day data from nearby Eskdalemuir weather station.

Time Period Usage (kWh) Degree Days (18.5°C) Usage (kWh) / Degree Days
Jan-Oct 2012 1,910,957 3,253 587.44
Jan-Oct 2013 1,474,172 3,220 457.81

Compensated Saving = 17.9%