Teviotdale Leisure Centre

EndoTherm Energy Saving Case Study
Scotland, United Kingdom

Teviotdale Leisure Centre is located in Hawick, Scotland and features a six lane, 25-meter long swimming pool in addition to sauna, squash and gym facilities.

EndoTherm installation at Teviotdale Leisure Centre took place over two stages. An initial dose was added in January 2013, and after a review of system fluid samples taken at the time, a further top up dose was installed in April 2013.

Teviotdale has a large leisure pool (approx 540,000 litres), which utilises the heating system to maintain a temperature of 30°C. The air temperature in the pool area is also maintained at 31°C.

By reducing space heating energy consumption, the leisure centre can expect substantial cost savings on heating bills. These savings can then be redirected towards facility improvements, equipment upgrades, or enhanced services for visitors.

Despite reducing energy consumption, the same set point temperatures are maintained ensuring that visitors continue to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Over a 10-month analysis period using EndoTherm, Teviotdale Leisure Centre saved 84,700Kg of CO₂e. This carbon reduction is equivalent to:

Teviotdale Leisure Centre Carbon Emission Saving Equivalencies

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