Wrexham County Borough Council - Fenwick House

EndoTherm Energy Saving Case Study
Wales, United Kingdom

EndoTherm was piloted by Wrexham County Borough Council at Fenwick House which is a multi-tenanted residential property.

Fenwick House is heated by two 45kW boilers and regular double radiators. EndoTherm was installed in August 2017 

One of the primary advantages of using EndoTherm is the potential for cost savings. Those living in council accommodation can also be those more likely to be a victim of fuel poverty. By reducing space heating energy consumption with EndoTherm, tenants can benefit from lower energy bills, making their housing more affordable in the long run.

Also local councils are able to demonstrate their commitment to reducing carbon footprints and promoting sustainable living. 

In a very short 3-month analysis period of using EndoTherm, the Wrexham County Borough Council saved 1,216Kg of CO₂e at Fenwick House. This carbon reduction is equivalent to:

Wrexham County Borough Council Fenwick House Carbon Emission Saving Equivalencies

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Wrexham County Borough Council Fenwick House Case Study Document