Reduce Energy Consumption in Commercial Heating Systems

Buildings are vastly different in size, form and age. Some are older, refurbished properties while others are modern, purpose-built. These variables can greatly impact a buildings energy use and more importantly opportunities for efficiency and energy savings.

Quick and easy to install, EndoTherm can be dosed into the bulk water of any commercial heating system at a dose of just 1%.


Dosage into Commercial Systems


Proven Energy Savings

ROI in Less Than (Months)

Reduction in CO² (Kg per annum, per litre)

EndoTherm – Energy Saving and Carbon Emission Reducing Heating System Additive

EndoTherm is a unique, multi-award winning energy saving additive independently proven to save up to 15% on space heating energy consumption.

Scalable to work in any small or large wet heating system,
EndoTherm delivers savings for both domestic and commmercial users.

Case Studies

EndoTherm has been installed into thousands of commercial properties of all shapes and sizes including hospitals and healthcare facilities, leisure centres, offices, council buildings, schools, museums and many more.