Commercial Systems

Buildings are vastly different in size, form and age; some are older, refurbished properties while others are purpose-built. Such features impact on energy use and more importantly on opportunities for energy savings. EndoTherm can be dosed into the bulk water of any commercial heating system at a dose of just 1%.


Dosage into Commercial Systems


Proven Energy Savings

ROI in Less Than (Months)

Reduction in CO² (Kg per annum, per litre)

Application Areas

EndoTherm works in any wet central heating system, regardless of size delivering real energy savings.

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“I’m delighted with the results we’re seeing with EndoTherm in such a short period of time. The product has delivered greater savings than expected and combined with the ease of installation, it made the decision to purchase the product a very successful one. Thank you”

UK Hotel Director

Commercial Case Studies

EndoTherm has been installed in hundreds of commercial properties of all shape and sizes from NHS hospitals, leisure centres to schools and museums.