Energy Efficiency in HealthCare

The UK healthcare sector spends more than £400 million per year on energy. Unfortunately a significant proportion of this is wasted which is wasting important public funds which could be used elsewhere.

Furthermore, Most Energy Managers will recognise that an effective heating systems will provide better conditions for patients and staff.

However, Patient welfare comes first, so turning down the thermostat is not always the best option. Other energy saving products and methods are the answer to this paradox.

EndoTherm™ has been installed in a number of NHS hospitals in the UK. The product can be installed into any wet based central heating system from small clinics to large hospital systems.

Maintain patient comfort whilst saving energy using EndoTherm™

‘Another success for the product EndoTherm™’

After achieving a 14% saving at a Sheltered Accomodation.

Energy Manager

NHS Foundation Trust

‘EndoTherm™ exceeded what we thought we would achieve’.

After achieving a 22% saving in the Trusts Rehabilitation Centre.

Estates Officer

Energy & Special Projects, NHS Foundation Trust


NHS – Community Health Services Clinic

The performance of EndoTherm™ was tested at a ‘Stay and Play’ Clinic which forms part of a local community hospital. The clinic is a single storey building with a 40KW combi-boiler and 17 radiators with a total system volume of 320L. 3 Litres of EndoTherm was installed in early November 2013.

The recorded usage for November and December 2013 were then compared with historic readings using degree day data. With reported savings of 18.5% in November and 11.3% in December, the total saving due to EndoTherm™ was 14.9%.

The gas usage of the centre, when compared with the historical figures in 2012 attributed a saving of 13.8%.


NHS – Specialist Centre for Rehabilitation Medicine

EndoTherm™ was trialled at a dedicated, stand-alone unit for Rehabilitation Medicine within the grounds of a major NHS hospital.

The centre had 16 single occupancy rooms powered by a 300kW boiler system (and 70 radiators) giving a total system volume of 1400L. EndoTherm™ was installed in late November 2013.

The gas usage of the centre, when compared with the historical figures in 2012 attributed a saving of 13.8%.


EndoTherm™ is dosed at just 1% with a proven saving of 15% and a typical payback of less than 1 year. For a Free Survey or more information, Call us on +44 (0)1925 747 101 or use the contact details provided.


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