EndoTherm - Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings and Museums

The appearance of many historic buildings are protected and as such many energy efficient technologies (including double glazing windows or energy efficient radiators) are either redundant or simply not feasible.

For historic buildings and those of traditional construction an appropriate balance needs to be achieved between building conservation and measures to improve energy efficiency that  avoids damaging the fabric of the building or the character and aura it creates.

So Why is EndoTherm suitable?

EndoTherm is non invasive and will not affect the appearance of any historical building. It has also been proven to achieve savings in even the most antiquated of systems (see case study below). This allows EndoTherm to be suitable for all properties that have a wet based central heating system and ideal as way of improving energy efficiency in historic buildings and museums.

Energy used in running buildings is responsible for nearly half of the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions. About 27% of these emissions are produced by domestic buildings and 22% by public and commercial buildings.

Of these domestic buildings around 4 million (or 20%) were constructed before 1919. Almost a further 20% were constructed between 1920 and 1939.

About 75% of carbon emissions produced by domestic dwellings come from space and water heating.

English Hertigage

Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings


Local Council – Museum

The performance of EndoTherm was trialled by a local council at a late Georgian house with Victorian extensions which has been a museum since 1980.

Equipped with a Concorde CXA Boiler system and 14 double radiators, the museum had a system capacity of 400L. 4 Litres of EndoTherm was installed in November 2013

Comparisons, before and after installation of gas usage identified a saving of 11.91% due to EndoTherm.

EndoTherm is dosed at just 1% with a proven saving of 15% and a typical payback of less than 1 year. For a Free Survey or more information, Call us on +44 (0)1925 747 101 or use the contact details provided.

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