EndoTherm - Energy Saving For Care Homes

If you are running a residential care home, the last thing you want to worry about is how much energy is being wasted on heat. 

Care homes are high users of energy for heat. this is required to maintain the comfort levels of its occupants. Therefore many care home managers are looking for new ways of saving energy within their buildings. EndoTherm is that answer!

EndoTherm can be installed in any wet based central heating system and improve the efficiency of the heating system within a care home environment by up to 15%. The product is easy to install at a single point and thus does not require the displacement of any of the occupants of the property.

There is an urgent need for residential care homes and nursing homes in the UK to ensure viability with sustainable development. At base, the country’s 20,349 UK care homes are faced with the prospect of energy bills doubling over the next 10 years.

This almost inevitable pressure on financial resources will increase the burden on the UK’s 14,750 residential care homes and 5,599 nursing homes that have seen energy bills rise by nearly 40% over the past three years.

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Saving Energy In Local Authority Buildings - Care Homes



Care Home – Case Study

A Care Home in Greenock, Renfrewshire installed EndoTherm in an aid to reduce its rising heating bills. Like all care homes, it needed to be kept warm (26°C). and utilised over 160 radiators within the several parts of the building. A total of 10 Litres of EndoTherm was installed.

The recorded usage for the time period was compared with the same period from the previous year (compensated using degree days from a nearby weather station. The savings attributable to EndoTherm was calculated to be approximately 15%.



Energy Savings for Care Homes – EndoTherm is dosed at just 1% with a proven saving of 15% and a typical payback of less than 1 year. For a Free Survey or more information, Call us on +44 (0)1925 747 101 or use the contact details provided.

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