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Energy consumption is typically a large part of the budget of any leisure facility, All centre managers will recognise the importance of keeping customers and staff comfortable but it is possible to minimise the cost of heating, regardless of which system is in place using EndoTherm. Many suggestions for energy savings in leisure (raising awareness and changing attitudes) may only provide short term gains unless incorporated into a long term strategy. EndoTherm can be installed into any wet based central heating system and once installed requires no maintenance or optimisation achieiving savings from the moment it is installed for as long as it remains in the system.  

‘In a typical sports centre, energy costs are second only to labour costs, accounting for as much as 30% of total running costs — a higher figure than in most other sectors.’ Energy Savings in Leisure – Just by making a 10% improvement in the management of energy use, UK leisure facilities could save up to £70m each year and reduce greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions by hundreds of thousands of tonnes.

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Sports and Leisure Sector Overview


Leisure Centre – Case Study

100 Litres of EndoTherm was installed at a large sports & leisure centre between January & April 2013. The centre had a heating system of 2 x Ideal Viceroy GT boilers serving a capacity of 10,000 litres of water. Not all the gas consumed was used in the heating of the centre. 50,000kW of energy per month was used in an external circuit to heat the swimming pool and was subtracted from the total usage to identify gas used specifically in the heating of the building. The addition of EndoTherm to the centres heating system has saved an average of 17.9% over the 10 month test period.

EndoTherm is dosed at just 1% with a proven saving of 15% and a typical payback of less than 1 year. For a Free Survey or more information, Call us on +44 (0)1925 747 101 or use the contact details provided.

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