Comparison with other Energy Saving Technologies

With a typical return on investment of under one year, EndoTherm stands out in a crowd of energy saving products…

The graph above highlights the typical return on investment (ROI) for common energy saving technologies. LED lights and BMS systems are typically considered more attractive due to their low cost and quick ROI. Most of these attractive technologies affect electrical savings but not gas/heating efficiencies.

Many energy saving technologies have a low ROI and rely on government rebates/incentives to make commercial sense. Other technologies are far too expensive to be considered in an energy budget. A replacement boiler may have a 5-10 year ROI but many organisations will find the cost of replacing the machinery very restrictive.

Some energy efficiency improvements can be attributed to behavioural change. It is very difficult to drive in an active working environment, where energy efficiency is always a second thought to operational efficiency.

This is where EndoTherm becomes attractive. As EndoTherm is now a proven, trusted and established energy saving product it is positioned as an attractive return on investment. It’s simple installation requires little to no downtime, meaning it can be installed into any closed wet heating system.

EndoTherm is independently proven and multi-award winning. Installed on its own or as part of an energy efficiency package, it will bring the average ROI of the project down making it more attractive to building owners/managers.


How It Works

EndoTherm™ is independently proven to save up to 15% on heating bills.