Save Up to 15% On Heating Energy Usage


  • Independently Proven Technology
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EndoTherm for Domestic Heating Systems

EndoTherm is a unique, multi-award winning energy saving additive independently proven to save up to 15% on space heating energy consumption. 

EndoTherm Energy Saving Additive for Domestic and Small Business
EndoTherm is ideal for domestic installations of any size.

With a quick and unobtrusive 10-15min install EndoTherm is accessible to any homeowner with a wet heating system who wants to decrease their annual heating bills. The impact can be seen almost immediately with a typical return on investment of 6-12 months.

EndoTherm has been accredited by independent third parties such as Enertek International, Tomorrow Air Solutions and the University of Central Lancashire.

Install EndoTherm and reduce your heating bills today!

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Fuel Poverty

The latest figures on fuel poverty, released in June 2014 identified that 2.33 million households are currently classified as being in fuel poverty. With fuel costs set to rise, this number is expected to increase over the next few years.

EndoTherm aims to help with the strain of heating bills, it is easy to install with a Return on Investment (ROI) of 6-12 months. EndoTherm is independently proven to reduce heating costs by up to 15%.

Average Yearly UK Household Gas Cost (£)


EndoTherm is proven to save up to...

Typical Yearly Carbon Reduction (KgCO2)

Typical Savings Per Annum (£)

“I added a bottle of EndoTherm to my system in September and my bill for the last 3 months has already saved me over the half the cost than this time last year yet the heating has been on for the same amount. Well pleased with the saving.”
John - Humberside

Bungalow Owner

“We have had a 6 column vertical radiator which just would never get warm at the top despite constant bleeding. After putting EndoTherm into the system this radiator is now always warm even to the very top yet nothing else has been changed. Just the easy solution we needed!”
Roger - Sheffield

Semi Detached House Owner

“It’s Hot I thought it was expensive, but looked on Amazon and it was even more. So I took a chance on it working and it does…..surprise surprise….Rads sometimes to hot to touch…It’s good stuff…I recommend it”
Ed - London

Online customer

“This great little product packs a punch. Some clever technology here yet very easy to install. The radiators are noticeably hotter! Easy savings.”
Sydney - London

Online customer

“I purchased your EndoTherm product after seeing it at EcoBuild in 2014. I put it in the system on the 10th August 2014 and over the last year I have saved 20% compared to the year before. I am very pleased!”
Geoff - Hampshire

Private Home Owner

“My average gas bill has gone down from £102 to £75 per month since EndoTherm™ was installed. Its amazing how something so simple has made such a difference to my monthly heating bills.”
Domestic Detached House

“I installed EndoTherm in our heating system in April 2013. We have been monitoring our monthly energy usage since moving in 2011 as we expected it to be higher than our previously smaller house. The 2 year old Vaillant boiler was very efficient but we were looking to reduce our heating bills. After adding EndoTherm into a bathroom radiator we were presented with an 11% reduction in our heating bills over a 12 month period after taking into account degree days. We would recommend the EndoTherm product and the support provided by service partner.”
Domestic Detached House

“I put EndoTherm in my open vent system about a month ago now, I’d say within 40 mins my system had reached temperature, the radiators felt significantly hotter, after a few days I was able to start turning my TRV’s down and turn down my boiler in CH mode, my boiler is cycling less and the radiators are staying warmer longer.I would definitely recommend this product.”
Marc - Heating Engineer

“I added EndoTherm to my system at home 3 weeks ago, I have a combi boiler with 9 radiators. I’d say it took much less than the 1 hour stated on the instructions to take effect throughout the system. The surface temperate of the radiators has increased significantly, and the convection from them is markedly improved; so the house heats up much quicker. I haven’t had a gas bill yet with EndoTherm in the system so I can’t give an indication of fuel saving, but I’d recommend it on improved system performance alone. Very pleased with the results.”
Dave - Homeowner in Hull

How EndoTherm Works

EndoTherm is a unique energy saving central heating additive, independently proven to save up to 15% on heating bills! But how does it work?