Endo joins the HHIC


Endo Enterprises have joined the Heating & Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC). The HHIC is a member organisation committed to effectively driving, supporting and promoting the sustained growth of the UK domestic heating and hot water industry.

Being part of a trade association that represents the whole of the domestic heating market in the UK, we look forward to working within the HHIC to develop a greater understanding of the use of energy saving additives such as EndoTherm.

We look forward to contributing to relevant policy issues and developments helping to drive further consultation around new chemistries to reduce energy usage.

The HHIC is a strong influence on government and the EU relating to policies and legislation. Currently, the energy saving technology of EndoTherm does not have a national set of standards to support it. Our goal is to assist and support the development of a clear set of performance objectives for energy saving additives so that in the future they might be awarded SAP ratings.