Energy Efficient Heating

In a typical UK household, over £600 a year is spent on heating and hot water, so it makes sense to review the efficiency of your central heating system from time to time. Although fuel prices fluctuate, generally the trend is upwards, so energy efficient heating systems are vital for reducing household bills.

Mains gas is the most commonly used heating fuel in the UK, and is generally considered to provide the most efficient heating system. There are two types of gas boiler – regular and combi. A combi (combination) boiler heats water on demand, whereas a regular boiler is programmed to heat water at set times, which is stored in a cylinder until it is needed. It is difficult to compare their respective water heating efficiency because a regular boiler is more efficient when it comes to producing hot water, but this may be offset by the inevitable heat loss from the cylinder. When choosing a boiler, often the decision comes down to how much room is available, as a cylinder occupies space in a cupboard or loft that could otherwise be used for storage.

If you have an older type boiler, you may want to look at the more efficient heating systems that are now available. Modern condensing boilers utilise the hot flue gases that are wasted in a standard boiler, providing very high efficiency heating.

Installing a new energy efficient boiler can be expensive and disruptive, so careful consideration is needed when making the decision, especially if the current boiler still appears to be in good working order. However, the cost of replacing a boiler, typically around £2,300, needs to be balanced with the significant savings that high efficiency heating systems offer. In order to promote energy efficient heating and reduce carbon emissions, government grants for replacement boilers are available to those who meet eligibility criteria. Some companies offer a boiler scrappage discount when you purchase a new boiler from them, which can amount to hundreds of pounds.

Energy Efficient Boiler Heating Information

If purchasing a replacement boiler is not an option, energy efficient heating is still possible by cost effective and straightforward means.

Heating controls can be upgraded without replacing your boiler – this is a particularly important consideration if your controls are over 12 years old. Room thermostats, for example, are now far more accurate than they used to be. With modern controls, energy efficient home heating can be achieved by selecting which areas of the property to heat, and by setting the desired temperature for individual rooms, rather than heating the whole house to the same temperature.

Energy Efficient Heating Controls

Having your boiler serviced annually is another simple step to efficient heating, as well as ensuring that it is safe and maximising its lifespan.

To help achieve the most efficient heating possible, with the least outlay and disruption, consider installing EndoTherm central heating additive. Within the system, this increases the thermal contact, which improves the heat transfer rate, resulting in rooms reaching determined temperature faster and staying warmer for longer. In a condensing boiler, the return water temperature is lower which allows it to condensate more efficiently and recover more latent heat. Less fuel is consumed to maintain the thermostatically set temperature, providing energy efficient heating and potentially reducing bills by around £100 per year.


How it Works

EndoTherm is independently proven to save up to 15% on heating bills.