Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), a global real estate company, delivered a multi-year energy performance contract for a global bank.

As part of a continued commitment to sustainability, the real estate company has aimed to support the bank to achieve net zero in their operations by 2030.

The goal of the bank’s energy-saving project was split into two parts:


  • Monitoring and Verification study to prove the savings of installing EndoTherm into the heating system.
  • Rollout of EndoTherm into every branch and bank occupied buildings heating system across the UK.


Anthesis was commissioned by JLL to provide independent verification of the potential of EndoTherm and its ability to improve the efficiency of condensing boilers across its sites.

EndoTherm works by allowing better transfer of heat within boilers and emitted through radiators, leading to lower gas consumption and a reduction in the cost of heating the building.

To assess the effectiveness of EndoTherm, Anthesis conducted a Monitoring and Verification study, comprising of installing the energy-saving additive across a sample of sites across the UK and measuring the reduction in gas used over similar external temperature periods.

Anthesis then managed the installation of the energy-saving additive across every branch-occupied building in the UK. The results were independently tested by a laboratory to ensure optimum efficiency was achieved.

“We have worked with Anthesis to complete a national rollout installation of an energy-saving additive across the bank portfolio. The project has been an excellent success and professionally managed throughout, with significant energy savings achieved. We would have no hesitation in recommending Anthesis to other people and we are currently exploring the potential to now follow up with a worldwide rollout at other bank locations. We are also now completing a trial with Anthesis for our nationwide cooling systems.”


Zeynep Karakaya
Regional Energy & Sustainability Manager, JLL


  • £1,813,000 energy savings will be achieved across the next ten years.
  • EndoTherm ROI payback of 1.6 years.
  • 8,330,000 kgCO2e saved during the next ten years.

Services Provided by Anthesis

  • Monitoring and Verification study to prove concept and energy savings.
  • Project management of a full national rollout for approximately 400 sites.
  • Quality assurance through lab testing and site monitoring.
  • Energy and financial saving calculations.

The study highlighted that EndoTherm would provide an average gas saving of 13%, as well as quicker cycling times for the boiler.

Anthesis successfully managed the national rollout of the heating optimisation technology across approximately 400 suitable branches and bank occupied buildings across the UK.

For more information on the project and to download the case study please visit the Anthesis Website